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 Rules of DoTA

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Rules of DoTA Empty
PostSubject: Rules of DoTA   Rules of DoTA EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 8:21 pm

1. Treat each other with respect, no flaming allowed against one another. If there is need for moderation on an issue bring the issue up with an officer in a private format.

2. All information gained in any format is proprietary to CD members. No sharing of information is permitted below the officer level without prior permission from the leadership. False information is always fun but try not to be so clever that you break this rule.

3. Consult before you settle. Also, if settling in another members 13x13 have their approval first.

4. Respect each other's farms. If you notice someone is farming your freshly broken farm, let them know you worked for it and they should politely agree to allow you to gain the rewards from it without frustrations. If however the resister continues to rebuild offer to farm it together and double the pressure. This option should be up to the one who broke the farm in the first place.

5. Non Teutons have the right of way in their 7x7. If you don't share a 7x7 with someone and they are non teuton and ask you to back off their immediate 7x7 farms, they have the right of way. Crop dipping only slows them down farm more then it will benefit you, so Teutons need to respect any igm's regarding this without expressing issue.

6. Read the forums daily, we post so you know. If you don't know its your fault. We will use IGM's but not as the only options, all planning will be in the forums.

7. Read, we have guides abundant. Read them!

8. Skype should be used as much as possible, it allows for the most information to be passed and the most discussions to be had in a real time format. No other tool is as viable for so many to use in a game like this.

9. Sitting is not allowed outside the alliance. You can sit for outsiders but they cannot sit for you, no exceptions. To make this work sitters need to be offered by members to members. This means for emergency days away only. If you need a daily sitter to raid for you, thats called a Dual not a sitter, and that Dual MUST be registered as a member.

10. Don't go yellow, no exceptions, you may be asked why you're yellow but will be removed unless a quick and justifiable response is offered the same day.
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Rules of DoTA
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