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 Application Layout - READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY!

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Application Layout - READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY! Empty
PostSubject: Application Layout - READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY!   Application Layout - READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY! EmptyTue Oct 07, 2008 5:59 pm

Thanks for showing interest in Diciples of The Art.

Please fill this out and post it under the application section as a new thread. The subject should be your in-game name. Do NOT register on our forums if you are filling out an application! . Those that cannot follow instructions will NOT be accepted. Do not message us reguarding your application status. IF accepted, message a leader of the wing DoTA for an invitation.

Player Name:

Coordinates (for each village you own):

Normal Activity per day:


Troop wheat consumption:

Current Population:

Days since you started the account:

Past Travian Experience (if any):

Are you regularly attacked or farmed?

Before this, were you in any other alliances? If so why did you leave?

Play style? (Offensive or Defensive):

Why do you want to join this alliance?

What is your resource production per hour?

Do you actively raid? Approximately how many different people do you attack daily?

Do you use gold? If so, how heavily (a little, some, a lot, gold flows like water)?

Do you have a sitter and are you sitting for anyone?

Do you have any family/friends in this alliance?

Who are the 2 nearest DoTA members to you?

How many squares away from AoW's Capital are you?

Any extra qualities about yourself that you think may help you get in?

As a member, do you agree to abide by the rules throughout all of this alliance?
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Application Layout - READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY!
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