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 Read this When Approved.

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PostSubject: Read this When Approved.   Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:26 pm

This thread is designed for players to post their applications.

If put into a delayed status it is for them to place updates to their application.

It is for our recruiters to offer advice to the member in question to help them meet our requirements for membership.

Posting a comment into an applicants thread should only be done by an Leader or Recruiter.

If the applicant is 1 square from a DoTA member then it would be acceptable for that member to post a recommendation signaling this to be acceptable to them.

Posting negative comments in a public forum is absolutely prohibited. It is unprofessional at best.

=============IF YOUR APPROVED WHAT TO DO==========================

Once your approved by a red named poster (officer) you then contact any DoTA officer.

Please let them know you've been approved, even link them your approved application in the IGM and request at their most available time to invite you into the Alliance.

Send AoW an IGM asking for forum apprentice level access and then be patient, if 24 hours go by feel free to remind them. Sometimes it takes a day or two for us to promote enough people out of our trainee wings into our main wings because of time zones, and other on going events that may distract our leaderbase to get people shuffled around appropriately to the right wings so new applicants can get their invite. Your patience is appreciated, but your diligence is also welcome to help the various people involved know your still waiting.


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Read this When Approved.
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